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Post  hunt70 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:40 pm

So I was exploring the new stuff in HeroSmash yesterday, when I saw a BUNCH of new and awesome things. That's when I thought, "Hey! I need to tell someone about this!" So here it is, the HeroSmash Beta Updates thread...

1. Lots of new maps, including a map specially made for heroes (Hero Spire), a map made specially for villains (Skull Deep), and a member-only map (Aquatia)

2. Four new servers: Jemini, Llussion, Dumoose, and Yergen. Which brings the total number of servers to 6, with Thyton and Super Sir Ver.

3. The 'Map button' map has been updated.

4. The map 'mainstreet' has been divided into 'mainstreeteast' and 'mainstreetwest'

5. Beleen's Beauty Botique, TITANium Threads, Boom-ingdales, and Professor Smash's Power Academy are now full rooms, instead of just shops.

6. In Professor Smash's Power Academy, the shops have been categorized by power type. These are Ninja training, Weapons training, Mental Powers, Resisting Powers, and Fire Powers (you can get Ice powers from Arctikiller in Overlook).

7. In TITANium Threads, items are now categorized by item type. These are Masks, Helms, Capes, and Armors.

8. In Boom-ingdales, weapons have been categorized by weapon type. These are (Melee) Weapons, Firearms, and Fist Weapons.

9. There are lots of new items, monsters, and missions in the game.

10. You can use the new H.A.L. Droid to get one of four mentors (two heroes, two villains), who will help you get started with the intro of the game and your first quests.

11. There are lots of badges you can earn and view in the H.A.L. Droid.

12. In the H.A.L. Droid, there is a shop for AQW Founders (those that upgraded within the first month of AQWorlds' release), a shop for HeroSmash Alpha testers, a shop for HeroSmash Founders, a shop for players who have spent at least $19.95 on their HeroSmash accounts (membership and SmashCoins), and a shop for players who have spent at least $49.95 on their HeroSmash accounts.

13. The H.A.L. Droid has a section where you can access a bunch of missions.

That's all for now! Now log in and play some HeroSmash!...or AQWorlds!...or whatever you wanna play!

P.S. Have a wonderful day.

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